Reformer Workout
Lesley Logan
Class 2829

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This is one I love to keep revisiting!!! Holy cow!
Rena! That just made my day:) thank you for taking class again with me
Ana, I am so happy to hear you liked my class. I too hope to have more for you. Thanks for taking class with me xx~LL
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Thank you for the wonderful class Lesley. As everyone has said, you are a very talented and knowledgeable teacher. I really appreciate that your kindness comes through as you work with your students.
Christine Thank you so much for your kind words to me! It's something I hope every student who comes to take with me feels and I am so happy you felt that while watching and taking here. I have another couple classes coming up soon! If you ever have any questions feel free to ask and hope you enjoy the new classes that are about to release. xx~LL
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good stuff xoxoxoxo
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Loved this workout!!!
Courtney Nicole thank you both for taking class with me! I hope you get a chance to check out the latest reformer workouts I have on here. They all layer upon this one. xx~LL
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Your cueing and pacing are impeccable. I could have done this with eyes closed. Thank you for thinking of those watching from home and who are seeking deep and meaningful mind/body connections. Also appreciated is the intentional goal setting to improve and advance positions. Hopeful is the workout that builds strength and stability AND provides targets for improvement.
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Amy thank you for taking class with me and for this comment. I am so happy that you felt you could do this class with your eyes closed! That truly makes my day:) I always hope that my ideas or themes affect those taking at home. I can't wait to hear how you continue to enjoy your Pilates practice and I love your definition of Hopeful! xx~LL
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