Mat Workout
Lesley Logan
Class 2830

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really enjoyed the concise, pertinent cues. Loved the variation on the table top, and the overall flow. Working hard without a max of reps!
An aspect that adds to the art (and enjoyment) of the filming, I enjoy the colour coordination of the participants outfits with your outfit, the neat hair, and the fabulous lip colour!
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Leslie! Yay, I am thrilled you loved the variations and flow. I like to teach the way I enjoy working out. My team that day did rock those outfits. PS the lip color that day was Nars annabelle. Love a good red lipstick! XX~LL
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Yay for colorful outfits! And an awesome class. Thank you Lesley!
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Thank you, Chanda, for powering through and rocking it!
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I love this class! Every part was full of great cueing, just perfect. Thank you.
Thank you Angelika! So so happy you enjoyed it xx~LL
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Really enjoy this

So many new cues all of which made so much sense.

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Love this, a great teaching style, engaging and informative but to the point and timely cues
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Great class, Les!!!
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Nice to meet you here Lesley! that was a really lovely class!
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