Mat Workout
Amy Havens
Class 2838

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Thank you Amy Havens thoroughly enjoyed this and my thoracic spine feels great. Happy Easter from Ireland...looking forward to your home class on Tuesday! 
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HiKerry , my gosh -- I must have not seen this comment when you sent a few weeks ago.  Thank you for taking class with me and so happy your thoracic spine felt great after class!  Happy Pilates Day to you!!
Love the Magic Circle! Thank you!!
Love the magic circle and its many uses!
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another favorite!
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oh, Amy what a great class! I just adore your humor and wonderful teaching style
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Thank you so much Angela T and Lisa P !  I really enjoy the Magic Circle too!
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A fantastic class, Amy, thank you. I particularly appreciated the gentle side to side head rolling transition after hundreds - exactly what I needed to release neck tension after flexion.
Hi Anna B , thank you for taking the time to leave a comment for me and letting me know what elements complimented the session for you.  That means a lot!
Great class Amy- very challenging- legs were really shaking! 
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