Athletic Conditioning
John Garey
Class 2875

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Amazing class!!
Love the maple pole sequence, thanks John!
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Its great watching you do this workout. Your muscles have muscles. Very inspiring! Thanks
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Thank you for this wonderful inspiring workout !
I loved everything about this class from start to finish. John's enthusiasm is contagious. Fantastic pace. Thank you and more of John Garey please!!!!
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That was awesome. Your muscles are amazing too. Thank you John! Hope to meet you in person one day.
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Great workout x loved it
I keep getting a network error at the beginning - so cannot watch it. Is it just me or is the link corrupted?
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Hi Gary...loved the use of the maple bar. Real nice for spine stabilization, core strength, arms and balance when you added knees.
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Thank you, John! Excellent class. Love your style and positive vibe!!

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