Standing Workout
Ken Gilbert
Class 2902

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Thanks Ken, I always love a towel class! My arms, shoulders and upper back really got a good workout. Loved the spine movements and found coordination a challenge...whew!
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Vimi ~ I'm sorry you had trouble with this video. I just tried it and it worked for me without any issues. I recommend trying a lower video quality as it should help the video play more smoothly. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at
Great upper body workout and it has helped me increase my repertoire with the Fletcher Towel LOVED this workout x
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Debra . . . thank you for your comment! The Ron Fletcher Work (as I learned it) is with me everyday. Last week I was teaching a class a Bacara Resort and Spa when one of the students came up to me afterwards and said that the class reminded her of a Fletcher Class . . . I smiled and acknowledged the 10 years of study that I did with Ron.
Vimi . . . good! I truly appreciate hearing about how this work supports individual's development through the physical body. Thank you!
Never tried a workout like this before - and I LOVED it! It was fascinating to move my back and core in ways that I had never thought about before. Thank you for this - I will be doing it often!
Christina . . . exciting to hear that this work resonates with you! Let me know how you develop your back and core . . . thank you.
Hi Ken! This is such a gift finding your classes online. I am in Missouri and deep into my yoga practice. There is nothing like this Ron Fletcher work! My body remembers!
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Kathy! Great to hear from you . . . that you are continuing the work. Yes, once the body learns on deep levels it never forgets.
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The "clock work" with proprioception and coordination work is smart and on task balance and fall prevention work. Thank you for sharing.
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