Standing Workout
Ken Gilbert
Class 2902

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Thanks to Ken I am now the 1% of the population that has "manubrium" as part of their working vocabulary:)  I'd like to say this class has gotten easier now that I've taken it several times, but it hasn't.  It's a bit of a challenger every time i take it, but it's such a great class. Thanks Ken!
Thanks  again Ken:) 
i normally do another 1/2 hour class in conjunction with this class, because I like about an hour of exercise. Except the 1st class i took had 40 pushups.  Next time I will reverse the order, because my shoulders died in this class.. which is shame because I absolutely love this class and I hate not getting the most out it.  But life is for learning.... and Thanks Again Ken:) 
Gary . . . as you suggest, reverse the order or the two classes. Here, in Santa Barbara, I teach the Pilates Class (Standing, Barre, and Seated. I follow this with a Nia Class. Students who do both testify that the Pilates enhances their movement integration, stability and mobility.  Let me know if you do reverse the class sequence. 
Loved this class! I sure wish more of your classes were available to those of us who are stuck in Pennsylvania.  Thanks again Ken:) 
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Gary . . . your commitment and enthusiasm touch me . . . thank you!
LOVED loved this class.  Thanks, Ken, always enjoy your classes.
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More please.
Thanks again Ken:) 
It was a good day to "reconstitute the lift of the upright spine".  Thanks again Ken:) 
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