Reformer Workout
Mariska Breland
Class 2934

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Wonderful class! Always creative, comprehensive and challenging. Thanks for sharing!!!!
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This is a really great class. I really felt it a lot in my core and posture the following day. Very creative and beautifully cued. Thank you.
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Thank you for this fun and well designed class. My favorite was reverse arm circles:))
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Mariska, I didn't like your class. I loved your class! As always, your instruction is superior. Please know that you are truly appreciated. Thank you for designing and presenting the class. I always look for your classes as I find them to be supremely challenging and always gratifying.

Thank you for all that you do.
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What an inventive, challenging class. Time fly by. Thank you!
Glad you liked it!!
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Terrific as always. Having hip replacement in a few weeks, so I'll try some of these (probably very modified to start) for my rehab.
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I love love this class. I really like Mariska's way of teaching to me she is pure perfection. I like just watching her not to mention doing the class. What a great strength and extension practice
So much fun! Loved it. Mariska is great as always. This goes to the top of my list.
Thanks for all the love!! I was so nervous to be filmed doing and not just teaching. This helps make up for my "ugh, my left leg isn't behaving" thoughts watching it myself. So much love to you all!
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