Advanced Reformer Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 294

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Thanks for the very nice words... The Reformer and I had a good time together that day.
Ummm.... yeah.... the TWIST. Hey Kristi wanna come to my house and HELP me??? LOL
OMG Zeena, that would be fun!! For what its worth I practiced modified versions of the twist for years before ever getting to this version. It was just a couple of years ago that my teacher Rael gave me some great pointers that made all the difference. You may want to see if Rael will come to your house first
Dang that was pretty at the end there!
Ufff what a wonderful class!!! Incredible !
I've still lost my twist and tendon stretch. My reformer is in my dining room now. I promise to feed you if you come and help.... :)
Zeena a Refomer in the dining room?!!. That is some serious dedication! Seeing as I am not as skilled in the kitchen as I am on a Reformer, your offer is very enticing!
I love the warm-up variation. It is so good to see the advanced exercises performed and explained seamlessly. Loved the workout.
I love it. I am doing it with my class on Monday. I always learn a new "added touch" with your classes. Thanks alot. Cant wait to work out.
Thanks Tobie! Say hi to everyone in Mondays class
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