Day 3: Showing Up
Kristi Cooper
Class 3012

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Kristi thank you so much, I needed this motivation to go back to the basic and add a practice daily. looking forward to tomorrow!
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Kristi, Thank you for opening up and sharing a little bit about what brought you to teach this series. It lifts my motivation to continue even higher . I'm so thrilled to be joining you on this journey!
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thanks for the great 30 min work out! I am really feeling this :)
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So grateful that you're sharing not only your experience and knowledge but also your life. I think we need to remind us that even with body changes for whatever reason or when we have periods in which we aren't able to move the way we want, the important thing is that we can get back to it, to what make us feel good with patience and consistency, step by step.Thank you !
Thank you all for being here with me! It truly does take a commitment to make a difference in our lives or even in a moment doesn't it?! The struggle can be very real sometimes, but the solution might be easier than we imagined once we take that first step.
I liked the way you switched to side body and back body early in today's sequence. That feels really good to my overactive hip flexors.
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absolutely loving this challenge Kristi !
I teach sometimes 8hrs per day and look forward to my own daily workout. these sessions are the perfect length and intensity before or after a long day. Even after 15 years of doing and teaching Pilates I still learn something new about my self, or another way to encourage my students to learn about themselves with every class at Pilates anytime. Thank you
Thank you for sharing your story. We all face different challenges and you make this journey so personal it's like your in the room with me. So loving this challenge. Ready now to start day 4.
I've stayed on day two for a week to really learn to feel my body and discover what it needs. By doing that Day 3 felt sooooo awesome and I'm not just feeling stronger but also connecting my mind with my body even more and noticing the tiny differences. Thank you for another inspiring class :)
Teaching all week, loved this approach and taking time to slow down and focus. You present this class beautifully Kristi . Thanks
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