Day 4: Energize
Kristi Cooper
Class 3013

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loved the standing leg and shoulder work, especially taking the band across the knees in the squat/chair move. Spine is feeling really supple today!
Excellent workout
Excellent workout
Thank you Kristie, am working with the theraband at the moment in my classes. It;s great to feel it in your own body and it's amazing how you make your own small adjustments to the movements to feel what your body needs. Loving the introductions to the classical mat exercises.
Thanks Kristi .. As I am on vacation this is a great series for me...can't wait to do it with my class .. When I am back !!
Hope you are feeling better !!!
After a small lower back tweak from lifting pilates equipment this challenge has been perfect for reconnection. And I'm loving the creativity.Thank you Kristi!
Wow! Loves this videos awareness. Great cues and points. I love your personality Kristi Cooper ! Keeps me motivated. The prep for double leg stretch with the band burned like crazy! Love it! I can't wait to see what's in store for day 6. 🤔😚
I'm so glad I took this class first thing in the morning, it was exactly what I needed. thank you
Oooh. Working with two different bodies today -- shoulders, hips, feet acting like quarreling sisters. This helped me get closer to symmetry. Thanks!
great class. what a nice energy you bring to the teaching. many thanks.
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