Day 5: Awareness
Kristi Cooper
Class 3015

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I love the tactile cueing using the wall. It helped me feel the spots I knew were "sticking". Not only will I use this technique for myself I will use it with my patients with thoracic and lumbar segmental restrictions in my Physical Therapist Assistant practice. Such an eye opener! Thank you Kristi. This will be part of my weekly routine!
Love the connections between the wall roll downs and floor roll downs throughout the class your cueing creates so much body awareness, thank you!
This video was my favourite so far in the series!
Fantastic day 5. Thank you!
This is an amazing class! Thank you so much Kristi. I am inspired and accepting of how uneven I am on the wall at the start!
lovedd your double leg kick preparation and also the modified version of open leg rocker. Really enjoyed your class thank you
Woohoo! I feel like I'm finally getting back into Pilates. I am 6 months post partem, and today I did my first open leg rocker! Felt awesome.
Really enjoying this series - I love the practical checking in.
50/365. Feels goooooood!
Fantastic class felt amazing thank you
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