Mat Workout
Rebecca Urban
Class 3032

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Inspiring and motivating! Good flow. I love it.
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This class was amazing. You are amazing.
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So wonderful to come across a 30minute class and such quality. Really enjoyed the layering, will use in class
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Wonderful class! Thank you Rebecca!
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Big Sigh....
thank you, Rebecca, this was what I needed to feel good about myself. All your words and the atmosphere you are creating is beautiful!
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Thank you Rebecca for reminding me to be grateful for this body and it´s capacity to move and make me feel good. I really enjoyed your playful and grateful attitude.
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What refreshing cues and sense of humour. Going to try the pedeling tonight Loved this!! Thank you for a great workout. xx
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Love love love!!!!
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WOW, thanks so much for all the kind words. It fills my heart to know the class resonates with many of you...thank you
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Soft eyes! and soft lips! Oh, I needed that! I have been clenching my eyes! Who knew? Also, loved the tricycles!
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