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Lesley Logan
Class 3157

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Mor thank you so much for taking my class. I love flowing like that too during my self-workouts. I am so happy you liked the addition of the prop. I love when clients can find the outer thigh feeling on their own. Touching is so important but the Thera-band and circle can give better feedback than my hand pressure. And, yes in a class this prop is awesome! XX~LL
Ps the leggings are Carbon38 and I love them too! Thank you
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Kritsada Thank you for taking my class! I am so happy you loved it! xx~LL
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This was a superb classic workout. You gave me a completely new body experience and understanding in very single exercise through your outstanding cueing. I just loved it and feel amazing. I also had to pause a few times but that's the beauty of PA. We can pause, go back to listen again. I do it all the time. Thank you so much for being on PA and sharing your knowledge.
Avishag thank you so much for taking my class and for sharing your experience. Wow! So happy you loved it. Thank you for being here at PA and taking mine and other teachers classes. It's very much appreciated xx~LL
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Awesome class thankyou!
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Thank you Rachel so happy you enjoyed it! xx~LL
I have only watched the class so far and absolutely loved it, love your professional and friendly style. The girls are amazing too. Cannot wait to try it.
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Chrystelle thank you for watching! Yes, Chanda and Ashley slayed this workout and I hope you have a chance to try it out. Let me know how it goes and if you have any questions xx~LL
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Very good class. Had us do a little of everything. Thank you.
Heather Yay! That's exactly what I like in my mat practice. I am so happy to hear you got to feel that while taking this class! xx~LL
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