Russian Squat Progression
Benjamin Degenhardt
Tutorial 3175

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Benjamin, you are an amazing teacher. Thank you for breaking this exercise down and then reconstructing it in a non threatening way. I am actually looking forward to trying it out.
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This was very helpful! Thank you Benjamin! Kudos to you Frank! Super scary while being filmed :)
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Wow!! Well done coaching and executing!!
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Very clear instruction and makes me want to try!
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I just did RS on the reformer for the first time thanks to this tutorial! Bravo Benjamin and Frank!!
Wow~!! feel so good~ Russian squat
Love the tutorials - they are always easy to understand and the regression/progression is awesome. THANKS!
Such clear explanations and cueing. I appreciate your teaching so much.
Adding this to my 2018 goal list. a little practice every day will get me there, right?
Wow! Great, clear instruction and definitely something I want to try.
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