Extension-Focused Mat
Shelly Power
Class 3181

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Wow so many gems in here....thighs lift, heels lower, 100 variation, Saw, pushing into both legs to rise - hello hammies....thank you thank you
Loved the saw variation, thank you Shelly . Will be using some of your ideas .
Thank you so much, Shelly. I learn so much from your classes and tutorials.
Would like to know, if possible, your opinion about changes needed for people with osteoporosis.
Great articulations. Loved loved loved! Thank you
Shelly what a wonderful teacher and class. Agree with all the above but particularly love the idea of bottom and top ribs when looking at and explaining thoracic extensions
Thank you Shelly, I liked your cueing on the 100 modification, very nice core work. I also liked the way your are teaching the roll down and the saw to really feel the spine rotation.
easy, effective, stretching, class!
Thank you shelly🙏 I always love taking your classes;) cues were helpful and refreshing as usual. Sending ❤️ from Maui
Lovely class Shelley. Some great cueing tips that I am going to use with my clients :)
Always brilliant, Shelley! Excellent.
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