Active Aging Tower
Amy Havens
Class 3196

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ohhh nice Amy!! I can't wait to try that little swing at the end
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Loved it! Working with a few older clients and this is so valuable. Even felt the intrinsic muscles and subtle work when I went through it with you. Thanks 🙏🏻
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Creative uses of the footstrap from a Reformer! Really neat exercises. Can use not only with active aging, but with a client who had a dural leak and has to do all exercises upright (maybe I leave out the down dog for her). :)
Love!! Thanks for such a creative and innovative class!
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NIce Upper body and balance. Maybe do a companion on the tower for more lower body and hips and balance?
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Great class, I work with a lot of seniors this will be extremely helpful. Thanks Amy!
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New stuff !!! Thank you !!
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So excited to share all the progressions and the sling! Great for everyone because luckily we are all aging!!!! And the icing on the cake - hanging from the tower. Thank you thank you
Awesome! Thank you.
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Love your teaching - and your innovations - always fun to learn and you're gentle to listen to - particularly since most of us teach the average person, not the super strong Pilates trainer type supremo!!!
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