Mixed Equipment Flow
Carrie Macy Samper
Class 3240

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Talks about her self too much, instead of what her participants should feel.
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Marianne ~ Thank you for your forum post. This class was designed for people to see Carrie's inner monologue while she is doing her personal practice. Here is a link to her other classes which may be more helpful for you as she goes into more depth with her cues and directions. I hope you enjoy these classes!
Honestly, this is too hectic. Great workout at half the pace.
Love this program! I will definitely do this session. Thanks Carrie!
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I liked the faster pace and I think if you are an experienced practitioner, the cuing was plenty sufficient. I loved the spine corrector exercises at the end of class and the whole class was an excellent workout. I hope to do this one again!
Although I liked the pace and the explanations, I didn't finish this workout because there were not consistent cues on spring changes.
I didn't actually do this workout with you but I loved watching it and hearing your experience.
Cute that you told yourself "good!"😂
Thanks, I look forward to trying this soon!
I loved watching this! So helpful in my own practice and teaching! Brilliant, as always, Carrie! Xx
Phew- that was fast, but I played along. Thank you.
Great pace and creativity in a short, yet comprehensive class before work!
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