Day 9: Precision
Meredith Rogers
Class 3280

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It goes by too fast! Great! I've loved the spine extension exercise at the end.
Thanks for being here ladies!
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To answer your ? Meredith- "Yes, the prone exercises were hard!" Very difficult to balance on right leg and take left off. Somerhing to work on. Another wonderful challenge. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
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Love the ball! Love doing roll up!
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I always like the sense of play that the fitness ball brings :) and yes, I'm definitely feeling the soreness, but I have so enjoyed each day of this challenge and am sad there's only one day left. I'll have to double back and repeat some of these classes when it's over!
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Feeling a difference and seeing a difference in my abs! 6/365
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Fantastic!! Loved it!
Thanks so much Meredith. Some lovely stretches here, and plenty of wobbles too:)) Can I ask a question please? Early in the routine with leaning back into extension over the ball and then back into flexion I tend to get real motion sickness;( I experienced this also when I tried the reformer once. Have you any experience of clients with this and any suggestions? Many thanks, Sarahx
I'm loving all this positive feedback!! Thank you all.
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