Day 9: Precision
Meredith Rogers
Class 3280

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Sarah Edwards at Positive Pilates Solihull I have had people experience symptoms like this but, unfortunately, I don't have a solution for you other than listen to your body and don't do it if it doesn't fell right.
Can anyone else help??
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Have never used the large ball before, very tough not to wobble. Will do this class a few times more to improve but absolutely loved it.
Awesome Sharon! Thank you for being open minded and trying new things.
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This workout is great for equestrians! I added it to my playlist. It is perfect to improve my balance and seat in the saddle. The horses I ride will appreciate it. Thanks!
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But, of course I'm symetric!! No, just kidding because it would be so cool to meet you!! Thanks so much for this challenging class and really love this challenge!!
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Loved this 10 day challenge . . . sad we only have one more. The props have been my favorite :) Thanks!
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Yippee! So what are you thinking Meredith? Reformer 10 day challenge? Okay! I'm in!
Thanks everyone!! Keep up the good work.
If you loved a class, do it again. No need to stop at all and always nice to go back and practice the things we find challenging. Denee, I will start thinking about a reformer challenge....
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Going through the challenge for the 2nd time and feeling so much stronger this time through! :)
Amazing, Anita! So happy to hear and thank you so much!
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