Theraband Mat Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 3329

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I love this class but mine cuts out at 19 minutes --- 
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Hi Sara, I'm sorry to hear the video isn't playing all the way through for you. Have you tried restarting your device or using a different browser?

Please refer to our FAQs for video troubleshooting.
Excellent exercises!!! Thank you
ioanna, thank you!
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Great class Meredith. I loved it and already used it twice with my clients. Thank you. 
Awesome Katarina!!
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Just what my body needed today. I’m camping so all the rotation and extension exercises were heavenly for my back! I think I’ll do this every day for the next fortnight! 😂
Sara great to hear.
Kudos to you for fitting Pilates into your camping schedule!
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Had to take almost two weeks off to recovery from illness but this was the perfect re-entry workout! Thanks for so many great videos, Meredith!
Welcome back Kandie !!
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