Eclectic Mat Flow
Amy Havens
Class 3361

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thanks for this comment Floor !!
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Thank you Kandie !!
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Mmmmhhhh that feels goooood....
Thank you very much, dear Amy
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I have so little time these days and have been keeping with the 20-30 minute workouts but I save this one for days when I have a little time to really enjoy the movement rather than feeling like I'm squeezing in a workout. Thanks, Amy!
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That was great Amy, thank you!
Thank you gals Barbara Kandie Julia !!
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Thank u! I just watched that class on my way home in a bus. It made me smile and made me want to move, breath, feel and play :) I'll do that when I come home 🏡
Yay Alexandra  -- yes :: move, breathe, feel and play!  Hope you enjoyed the class just as much when you did it physically too!
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Fun class! Feel great afterwards. Thank you, Amy. 
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