Quick Athletic Reformer
Maria Leone
Class 3365

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Thank you so much!!! First time I have taken one of your classes! love your energy and the workout was fantastic! I'll be back!
A great balanced work out! 30min just flew by :)
Great athletic session with clear instruction and motivation. Just wonderful. Thank you 
Thanks for this great workout, Maria! Hope you can do more short reformer exercises like this one. 
Love the pace and the cueing on this video! Great for days when I don't have time to get my walk in because my heart was pumping!
Loved it!!!  Informative hard working just enough speed.  Perfect!!
Thank you for that amazing class! quick, intense and intelligent!!!  full body workout to be ready for the rest of the day when you run out of time!!!!! perfect!!! I'll repeat for sure!
Wow, Maria! Thank you! This is definitely one for the faves! I can feel my heartbeat saying thank you as well, after this fun and effective total body party!!
Great workout packed into 30 minutes. My thighs were a burnin’ the following day and it’s now tagged as a favorite. I like your instruction bc it’s clear and concise and the speed you move along is perfect. It’s a whole body workout too. I really enjoy the way you instruct, you’re very clear.
This was delightful.  I feel great and ready for the day ahead.  Thank you for this great class. 
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