Finding Support
Kristi C. & Meredith R.
Class 3412

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Great class .... & even greater that you supporting your community X
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Great seeing you two together again! Always so much fun to wake up and work with you, Kristi and Meredith! I love your generous spirit and am happy to support the Bucket Brigade. :)
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A much needed treat:)
Thank you Kandie!
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Thank you thank you thank you....I ld like to see more videos together...
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I really love your girl power classes and even more if they help not only me and you, but also your community!
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Great class and great cause ladies. It’s always a pleasure of working out with you. Thank you
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Felt the love, thank you
Great class, I enjoy it very much as usual
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Nice class to start the day off!!
Did I miss the link for the donations?
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