Upper Body Strengthening
Amy Havens
Class 3422

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Thanks.  Haven't done this class for a while so to return feels so good, especially as I have had more time to deepen my practice.  So glad to be back.  Sometimes its easier for me, as the years pass, to work abs without lifting the head off the floor but in the functional position of standing.  Have a great day.
Cynthia G thank you!
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Hi Amy, I really love this arm workout. I've taken this class 10x already. Hope you can make more of these arm/upper body classes.  Take care!
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I was one of the legions who "liked" this class when you first uploaded it to PA. Today, though it moves to favorites.   The intervening years have taken a toll on my upper arms and this class needs a more regular spot in my rotation!
Thanks Amy! That was great!! I wish it was longer!! :)
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Thank you so much Carla  Joni N Natasha R !!  I really loved doing this class too and hope to come back soon, perhaps with a second installment of something upper body focused!
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Loved this, so well taught, thank you
I am delighted that you responded to my request earlier about more arm and upper body classes. This was a terrific session with new extremely effective variations. Going right to my favorites. Thanks so much! Amy!
Thank you so much Emma W and Michelle B !!!
Love this class every time I take it thank you! 
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