Connecting to the Mat
Lesley Logan
Class 3465

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Madhavi oh yeah! 2 way stretch!!! I love it!
Ana Carla Yes! You spotted Saul! Love him and having him in my class. And, I agree so fun to use the whole method when we do our Pilates practice! I am so happy you felt new things just by thinking of having a footbar or straps. Thank you for taking my class and hope to have you back! xx~LL
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aaawwww, love it! Thank you so much,! The cueing was great! I feel sooo much, I was really helpful! Yeah!!!
Ira I am so happy you liked the cueing and you felt so much! That really makes me so happy! Thank you for taking my class! xx~LL
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Great imaginary mat/reformer class. What a great idea to help expand reformer practitioners into mat work! Thanks Lesley!
Nicole thank you so much for taking my class! And, I am glad you like the idea too! I think it's fun xx~LL
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Loved this mat class Lesley!!! Think it was the best 100 I have done. Really connected with my reformer:) Thank YOU! Can't wait to do the Reformer class next! xoxoxoxxox
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Nicole the best 100!!! Wow! I am so stoked for you! And, I can't wait to hear how the Reformer workout goes. Thank you so much for taking my classes. I am so happy you connected to your Reformer! xx~LL
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So helpful to do the exercises with other equipment in mind - really ties the whole method together. I appreciated the pace, as well. Thank you LL! And LOVE the mustard yellow leggings 👌🏼✨💛. XX
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Hi Lesley. This was my first class on PilatesAnytime. For me it was difficult but in being so gave me a better understanding of where my practice is at. I really enjoyed your presentation. Lizzie M.
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