Mobilizing Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3550

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I always love Meredith Rogers classes, so perfectly balanced and deep work.
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Love this class, fun, creative, stretchy variations feel great, thank you! :)
Thank you all for your beautiful feedback.
Made my day today!!
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Always amazing ,just what I needed ,quick; interesting variations with a ball , love the stretches but it’s work for the body at the same time ,thanks a lot x
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Love the cues and the ideal combination of flexion, extension, rotation and the admission about the challenges of particular moves. Thank goodness even the teachers have things to fix!
Thanks ladies!
Never a shortage of things to fix, Cat, never ever.
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This was my first Level 2 class here on PA - challenging, but I loved it! I've noticed in classes that my lower back almost doesn't round at all, any tips on what I could do to improve in this area? Thanks! :)
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There is no need for the 100s! That is a perfect workout! :)
Hi Julia R,
So glad you enjoyed the class.
In regards to your back, keep stretching it!
Also, you could make sure you are stretching out the front of the hips as well as the hip flexors can contribute to tightness in the lower back.
Let me know how you go and if you need additional ideas.
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