High-Energy Mat
Julian Littleford
Class 357

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Thank you so much for another terrific mat class by Julian! Always inventive, always increasing the work but yet always changing muscle groups. Wonderful!
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whew!! definitely a challenge for me but I love it !!! thanks for waking me uo this morning! what would I do without my Pilates Anytime ??
Wow...lots of great variations in this class..will be back for more!!
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Totally kicked my butt! Loved the challenge!
WOW. Tough class. Thank you!
As always a great class. His cues are so easy to follow and his classes are very challenging. Keep more coming. Would love another reformer class by Julian.
There are variations in his classes that can be applied to any other mat class; the palms up while in side plank which forces stability in the shoulder, or his hands free rolling like a ball which completely changes the exercise. I love his classes. Thank You Pilates Anytime!

Another reformer class with Julian has already been filmed and will be coming soon!
This is a terrific class, loved it , nice challenging fast pace.
Thank you
Thank you! Love this challenging mat class!!
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