Reformer with Props
Courtney Miller
Class 3573

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So glad to see Courtney Miller is back!! I've missed these creative amazing workouts!
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Courttney is back !!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
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Yay! Just finished the class. I have a shorter foam roller but I was able to make adjustments where needed (I used a ball under tailbone for the supine arm work). Can't wait to do the boss section tomorrow!
So nice to see Courtney back...fantastic...I have to disagree on the Level Definitely not a Level 2, especially when the bosu and the standing work with the band come to play toward the end.
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I agree with Paola this is more of a level 2/3 ;)
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outstanding !!!!!!!!!! you are absolutely amazing !!!!
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Yes!!!! Another Bosu and prop class! Thank you for being so creative and clear teaching! Love it!
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Always love your creative work. Can’t wait to try all of these!
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Cant wait...........
I'm glad to see you again. :) Fantastic workout!
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