Athletic Mat Flow
John Garey
Class 3581

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Thank you John! I really love your energetic and playful classes and this one is no exception.
fantastic as always Gary!!
Love taking your classes. Just what I needed to change things up! Amazing workout!!!
Sir, Sir, I had to pause in the middle to say how awesome this is!! Love this! Thank you
Oh, I love your cueing; feel like I know from those early STOTT DVDs! Thanks.
Loved this workout, will definitely use some of your movements in my next class. Thank you :)
You are amazing!!!
A butt kicker! Loved it. All-over workout and a great start to the day.
This will definitely get me through the day! Thank you John Gary! Hope to see you back soon!
John, Loved your class - you are definitely going on to my favorites list. Got me moving and feeling Gooooood. Thanks again
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