Stabilizing Reformer
Marimba Gold-Watts
Class 3631

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Wow I found some real differences in my right to left hip abductors! Loved the small intrinsic movement plus feel great afterwards! Congratulations and thanks for sharing Marimba!:)
Lovely class for persons with back issues. Wish it were 60 minutes rather than 40.
ohhh I love it! I just finished a long 30km race and this work really helped me, I have a reformer without a jump board but still managed a wee air lift on the foot bar. Lovely work and will be memorizing this for my clients. Thanks. The set up was interesting for me in the start .
Great class, enjoyed the building blocks throughout the exercises and the unilateral work was fab. Brilliant teacher and teaching. Thank you!
This was such a great class for lateral hips! And so fun! Thanks!
I really enjoyed this! It was relaxing yet tough and informative.
Very nice, I really liked the stability work and also enjoyed the pace of the queuing. Not a lot of chatter, just appropriate queuing when necessary. Easy to watch and follow along.
Lots of cool stuff in this that we worked all angles! Thank you thank you - clear direction and not rushed! And some jumpboard. Rockon - looking forward to more
Great variations and cueing. Love her attention to detail!
Holy leg work! Those scooters 🛴 and then articulate to standing without moving carriage. Brilliant
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