Foam Roller Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 3696

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Meridith, thank you for this great workout!
I enjoyed it. I can not wait to see another vidio of you. )))
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Lovely creative, calming class. Thanks!
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Great class! It felt very fresh and great on my spine!
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Good stretch for the hips. Thank you!
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Looks awesome, can't wait to try it! %)
Loved this class! really opened up my tight hips. Thank you:)
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Love, love, love. So simple, yet so creative and fun. Please don't forget to do another reformer/tower combo class as well. I have done yours 84,000 times. Thank you!
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Meredith, once again a wonderful, challenging and fun class. You have me working my body, but at the same time, you make me laugh. My body feels amazing- so open. Thank you for your challenging classes and fun spirit.
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Such a beautiful practice! Thank you so much! Challenging, meditative, and calming.
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"Meredith on the Foam Roller with Hand Weights". A work of art that would deserve a painting! :) Thank you for this surprisingly challenging, yet nourishing routine which feels a bit like a "Meredith best of" on the foam roller - it has everything!
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