Reformer Release
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3738

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I really liked the cue of “armpits to waist” which really helped me connect with my lats during the hands in straps series....which made it killer! Nice class.
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Lovely Class! Obrigada!! bjs
thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate you sharing your experience and observations. I am always torn between slow and detailed and fast efficient work. Keep moving and stay healthy.
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Great class, thank you! Loved the stomach massage variation.
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Absolutley fabulous Niedra!!! Loved every minute!!
Deborah from South Africa.
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I love the lower ribs back stomach up cue when doing elephant.  And I just love stomach massage using a short box. This was a really nice efficient work out. Thank you! 
Thank you Connie and Deborah, so happy you enjoyed the workout.
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Great fast passed workout. Loved the magic circle warm up. Thanks!
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Great quick class thank you!
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Such an inspiring session. Demonstrating a huge amount of knowledge and experience. Very engaging and dynamic. Thank you to Niedra just AWESOME :) 
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