Reformer Release
Niedra Gabriel
Class 3738

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Thank you all for your comments. A lot happening in a short amount of time. Enjoy...
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This was a great class that was not too long!! Great cuing and explanation!!
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Thank you I alway learn something new from you. I will focus on finding lats when I teach today.
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great workout, one thing I am not sure about is the springs, i have a STOTT with 4 red and 1 blue are these equivalent to your springs?
AnnickB Thank you for your post - I know the springs are different but I cannot recommend how to modify without being on a Stott machine to feel the effect on my body. I suggest you try the exercise and adjust the tension so it "feels" right for you. Trust your body to know.
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Thank you I loved this little burst today before dinner you are my favorite lockdown instructor 👩‍🏫
Thank you Candace so glad you are working out and enjoying my video's . makes me smile!
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Great class. Loved the cues, especially about the lats!!
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That was amazing! I loved all of the creativity and cues. Niedra is awesome!
Thank you Leah 
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