Mat for Back Strength
Monica Wilson
Class 3747

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This was an amazing basic mat class; loved a lot but could"nt be able to finish it because I don`t have a wunda chair at home...thank you Monica you are an excellent teacher...
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I really loved how you took the basic mat and contextualized working to support your students injury. I look forward to watching the other two classes you referenced (I didn’t see them: can you share their numbers). I also loved doing this class.
Monica , thank you for this class. I really look forward to your expertise each time a new class comes up !
thank you, you are amazing
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Monica you are an excellent instructor and this series was so helpful to me.  I know my clients will benefit so much more with this teaching.   Thank you!  Your cueing and telling us what you "see" helps so much in what we are looking for in our client's movement.  your patience and wealth of information was really helpful
Thank you Monica Wilson for this great session. I use your way to active TA for my clients who have back pain always. I just have a question. Why did you choose leg external rotation for most of the positions in this session. TIA
very slow. lots of talking.
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Great Class and great cueing! Thank you!
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Loved this series!  So many clients with back issues from anterior pelvic tilt, this was really helpful.  Thank you!!
I hurt my lower back and this session helped so much. 
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