Scapulo-Humeral Rhythm
Lesley Powell
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Very informative and applicable.  Erin is a great choice for a model.  Thanks to all.
Love all her videos, they are brilliantly helpful.
Great tutorial thank you.  Scapulo-humeral rhythm is something talked about often but not so easily understood.  I thought it looked like her right shoulder melted as they went through the movements. I was wondering whether this was because of the touch she was receiving or because of the movement or both! 

My touch is very light. I use touch to indicate a direction of movement. Most of the changes happen because she improved the function of scapular humeral and clavicle! rhythm.

Thanks so much for watching. Lesley Powell
Thank you!!
I noticed my left scapula doesn’t really move much(pretty much stays at the neutral place) when I bring my hand to the side and up ...
It is hard to evaluate without seeing your form. Does your scapula feel stuck? Irmagard Bartenieff’s Hand - Scapula relationship concept is the shoulder blade moves in the same direction of the hand. If your scapula is not moving during dynamic movement I would work on creating more mobility of the shoulder blade in all directions on the ribs. 
Thank you, Leslie Powell.
Lesley Powell You talk so slowly and pronounce every word so clean so people like me who don't have fluent English understand you! Your work is incredible valuable for me! 
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 
Thank you for this tutoriel. It's very clear !
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