Detailed and Profound Mat
Madeline Black
Class 388

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Hi Kathrin, it is wonderful you felt great just returning to Pilates, listen to your body and keep moving, good luck!
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This class is tough and amazing at the same time-when I finished, I felt like I had a reealllly good massage- and felt an inch taller :)
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Thank you, Madeline! It is so wonderful to have you alive on PA, knowing and cherishing your work so much! This way, I don´t have to wait a whole year until you come back to Germany!
Loved it!
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This is a very good workout for when you can concentrate and have time on your hands. I love the swimming part which I find very hard to hold but tried my best anyway. Beautiful workout will do again.
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A sign of a good class is how I feel after. Way better than when I started! I know this is an older class but it was so well worth it. Thanks PA, and Madeline Black!
Madeline, i miss you here in Germany. But working with your book is also nice. Not the same, but thank you for this great opportunity and for your classes here. Best wishes Kathrin
This was an awesome class , I love ur cuing , and the way you start the class and how it flows to all the way to the end .
Can not wait to teach some bits and bobs from it .
Such a privilege to be able to do a class with Madeline.  Thanks for the specific cues that get to the core. Time flew by. Feel great.  Thanks PA.
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