Business, Yikes!
Niedra Gabriel
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I love you!
Hani Maizlik Hunch   You make me smile.
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Thank you for your uplifting and very practical suggestions. You are a treasure!
So great!
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It's so true we rarely learn about business. Thank you for making it fun. An inspiring tutorial!
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I really enjoy the business side of things, it makes me feel confident and secure when I have planned out and taken care of the scheduling,  policies, terms and fees etc....  When its clear for me, its clear for clients and that makes everything work better.   

Thanks for motivating me to get clear on my financials and my goals. 
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I want to share my most favorite vision with you. I'm dreaming of giving pilates or yoga sessions in the waiting room. For example at the doctor's. People spend so much time there and they could use it, doing breathing exercises or exercises on the chair :)
Thank you, Niedra, for encouraging us!!
I love your idea Nannette , what a cool vision - that is a business waiting to be created. Go for it!
Really great idea Nannette! Keep us posted! 
Wonderful lady. This has been so helpful to me. ‘I was swimming around not knowing where to start in starting as a small business Thank you so much. Such a wonderful talk, keeping your passion and seeing worth as a teacher. 
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