Spine Corrector Flow
Blossom L.
Class 3890

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Great class!  I always laugh out loud when I follow along with you.  Thanks for making the sessions fun and informative at the same time! 
I loved this class. The side overs are “killer” but hurt so good:) Love the fletcher “striptease” Super teaching style and personality Lelanie Thank you
Heavenly! Thank you so much.
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Just love your energy!  Thanks for keeping pilates playful and fun!  I love when I can have a smile on my face through class :)
LOVED IT from start to end!!!! 💝
Great Class!! thank you so much
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Is it possible to get the links for the props used for the head and neck and lumbar?
Great class. Loved the variations on the side lying   work with the weights. Can really feel the xtra load on the obliques and spinal stabilizers. The Swan,  the bridge and the Fletcher teaser  were challenging and add  a different dimension  as well. Thank you ! 
THank you Blossom! I absolutely love your energy and the flow of this class! Love from Singapore!
love love love!!! 
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