Articulating Mat
Marimba Gold-Watts
Class 3903

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sooooo much fun! Just what my body and brain needed today. Thanks for sharing your creativity Marimba
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Amazing class! The footwork at the beginning ūü§Įso hard, though I loved it!
Great class, really enjoyed all the variations
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Great class.  Particularly loved the foot and hand/wrist work and the flow of the class. 
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Great workout!!
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Such a fun workout.  Especially liked the foot and hand/wrist variations. I had no idea how tight my hands were!
Love this class! I always feel longer, stronger, and more organized after Marimba's class, thank you!
SUPER fun class! I always love a good butt blast and I felt that this class was wonderful for my nervous system today. I'm so thrilled to be able to take class from Marimba on Pilates Anytime.  
What a great voice and cues leading through the progression!  I could totally follow along with the sun on the screen.  Quite lengthening and aligning.  A great reset for this late afternoon before evening Board meeting.  Thank you! 
MINDBENDING and so beautifully articulated- I love it! Thank you Marimba! Just gorgeous! 
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