Side Body Tower
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 3913

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Wow that was awesome! Loved the side bend with the roll back bar on top of the head :) And such creative movements to spice up class for my more advanced clients. Thanks so much!
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Amazing workout and cueing.
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Excellent class - so many ideas! Thank you!
Very inspiring and a pleasure to follow your amazing instructions. My side body of much needed  awaking, right now is thanking you and deep muscles are energised as I haven't felt for a while!!
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Benjamin: it is always  a joy to watch you teach; you have such an obvious gift and talent for teaching and your communication skills are fantastic.
 How do you keep all those moves and transistions and cue sin your head during the class and remember each one step by step   . . . I'd need a teleprompter! 
Wow! That was awesome! Even though it was focused on lateral flexion, I still feel a whole body workout. Pilates! Your cueing was great. When I couldn't see then screen I still knew what to do. Thank you, Benjamin, for a very thoughtful class. 
That was truly wonderful. Tower hasn't felt that powerful in a long time! I'm definitely excited to integrate a lot of this into my men's class. Thank you so much!
Awesome class, thanks Benjamin!
Delicious!!! Exactly what I was looking for ~ thank you 
A nice focus with interesting side body variations and great cues, I enjoyed it, Thank you
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