Magic Circle Mat
Kristi Cooper
Class 3940

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Great class! Got the dust off my magic circle. I’m looking forward to doing this class again and again!
Great class, Kristi! Some days (Mondays) I am looking for clean and uncluttered without equipment. This fit the bill perfectly. Thanks. X
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Awesome class! Loved it very different magic circle moves. Thanks Kristi don't have equipment so thanks for the mat class.!
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Yummy! ❤️
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Love the extension the glute  work and the push up 👍
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Thanks for the fun magic circle class. Great ab work out. The circle helps make good connections! Hope you have a great day!
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Thank you Kristi! That was just right and also lots of good ways to use the ring. My body feels so good now!
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Excellent! Thank you.
Loved the side bend at the very end- what a treat! And a new one for me! Thanks for a great class x
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Thank you Kristi- super fun class- love using the ring for push ups❤️
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