Play on the Reformer
Kristi C. & Meredith R.
Class 3947

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I know Galina so surreal that now I am again so far away...
But, we are connected this way at the very least.  Hope to see you again soon. 2021 in Germany at the latest!
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My fave, Girl Time!  I did it again today because it was just what I needed to rehab a hip injury, all that side lying work.  Best part, M says, "I just make sure it feels good for me ;)" 
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That was won-der-full!! Thanks to both of you, it feels so nice to be part of your girls time! I loved the sidelying hip-work in straps... uuhhh, that felt so good! love and gratefulness is going your way!!
Great class.  Love to see you both together.  Thanks.
Thank you everyone! Casey "M" is very good at reminding us all what is important!  Silke right back at you! 
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This is just about all my favorite moves!!!
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Was unique and fun to have two instructors tag team through the flow.  Engaging class.
Excellent session. Nearly did not watch it due to the 'Girl Time' comment (felt a little excluded), but enjoyed the moves and stretches. Thank you
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Gratitude for girly time, as needed this today and did class as you girls were there with me, you really were!!
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