Mobilizing Garuda Flow
James D'Silva
Class 3952

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As a Pilates teacher who has practiced Yoga for 20 years, and has recently been exploring Feldenkrais - this practice hits the sweet spot of all my interests - Also James is a wonderful teacher to watch and move with. Sarah 
I really loved this, my body feel alive! 
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Love James workouts. Please more...💕
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Absolutely loved this class. Thank you so much! 
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Beautiful progressions! I can’t wait to introduce some of these movements to my students. You’re not an old man!! You’re only as your spine, right? I’m 67 and teach mat classes 3 times a week. 
These are totally awesome flows thank you so much for sharing them x
One of the best prop classes on PilatesAnytime.  Thank you!
Ha sido maravillosa la clase, me ha encantado, gracias! 
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