Mat to Release Tension
Tom McCook
Class 3965

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Tom, I appreciate the mindfulness lens you bring to body and movement work. This is my third time doing this lesson and I feel like I discover something new each time. Thank you. 
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Thanks Kandie! I appreciate your feedback and happy to hear you're feeling new discoveries with each visit back to the class. Be well and all the best to you
Brilliant cueing and precision!  Thank you Tom. I look forward to absorbing more of your classes... in mind and body!
Thank you Dagmar! I have many classes and tutorials I think you would enjoy. Wishing you the very best in your practice and life!
Dear Tom, I am so very grateful for this practice. It pulled me out of my head and back into my body. A much needed respite. 
A great workout, I enjoyed the tips for shoulders and neck, thanks 
It's been 2+ months since I did this workout in its entirety. So good. I'm going to try add it to my Saturday morning routine. 
Dear Kandie and Nancy, Thank you for sharing your experiences of the class, it's great to hear and inspiring! Sending you my best!
Excellent class with precision and attention to details. The title says it all and totally delivers. Thank you!
Also great flow!
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