Mat to Release Tension<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 3965

Mat to Release Tension
Tom McCook
Class 3965

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Lina S
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I've enjoyed the class, its pace and the precision of your cues. Maybe I missed it but can you tell me what makes this class particularly suited for men? Thank you.
Body feels open, free and strony, lovely class as usual with Tom
Thank you Tom, terrific, as all your thoughtful work! Any suggestions for the rollover with a kyphotic client? Light padding OK or just avoid? His head leaves the mat on the return. We are always working on stretching hamstrings, and working on rotation. Will try the prone variation for thoracic extension with diamond to straight arms. Hope you have some equipment workouts coming too! Many thanks. Happy New Year!
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Excellent class. So easy to follow Tom, yet very challenging internally. Loved it. I wish there were more classes from you. Especially mat classes. 
Emma B
Lovely pace and easy to follow. Will look for more mat classes by you Tom. Thank you.
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Fantastic class with Tom who I have just discovered on Pilates Anytime. Love the cueing, flow and relaxed but challenging energy of the teaching. Will look out for more classes with Tom.
Thank you 🙏 Tom, lovely class! “It’s like a moving meditation.” When I heard you say that, I felt so connected: that’s exactly how I feel en what I say to my clients! The Roll Up can go on and on, with no beginning and no ending, one continuous motion... just breathing and moving.
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Thank you all for your great feedback! Lina, thank you for your question. It's titled for men to encourage them to experience Pilates and how the mat can both create a balanced body and address the imbalances of modern life styles. Theirs more focus on neck, shoulder and upper back mobility. It's also great for women and we highlighted men to peak their curiosity!! Rosemary, I would use the Reformer to practice the lower half of rollover to highlight lumbar flexion and not push more into thoracic flexion. Keep working on extension and rotation along with mid-back strength. Thank you all and wishing you a fulfilling 2020!!
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Great class; I love your method; easy and smooth; releasing most of the tension through the whole body at the end ...thank you so much
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Fantastic for women too!   Very relaxing and invigorating leaving the body relaxed all over and energized!
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