Decompress Your Spine
Tom McCook
Class 3967

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Lovely class! Great flow, clear cues, and great work for decompressing the spine
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Thank you Rachel, in the current lifestyles most have, giving the spine a little space and love is required! Enjoy!
I feel the length!! Thank you, that was great!
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This popped up at the perfect time for a returning client. severe scoliosis, and I was stumped as to how to approach her. This was perfect! I took the class and enjoyed every minute of it, and despite Tom's gentle cuing, it was sneakily challenging. 
Tom, you're still the man!
Thank you Tom - this is a lovely dose of movement on one of my favorite pieces of equipment. It helped my body wake up after two days in bed at the flu followed by sitting in an office chair again!

One question though! With the Pilates Arc and its slightly different slope I found the exercises lying on top a bit difficult to access. Do you have tips for modifying them for the Pilates Arc?

Thanks again and great to have you back on PA!
tom I always enjoy the easy going pace so we can keep our nervous systems calm, and carry on. Wonderful.
Lovely progressions and cues. Thank you!
great way to start the weekend. thank you tom!
Really helped realign my neck, hips and spin... pain free for the first time in months. Grateful!
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Thank you all for you comments, I'm honored to share and support your practice and teaching. Julie for lying prone on the ARC, try shifting forward and back to find the place where you can level your head and pelvis  parallel with the mat. If needed use padding on the top of the ARC. For the Decompression breathing exercise, make sure the legs are bent and the knees are touching the ARC and the inner thighs together. I hope you find that helpful and all the best!
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