Decompress Your Spine
Tom McCook
Class 3967

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Great flow, full body, wonderful cuing, definitely a keeper. Thank you for sharing your work
Fantastic! Thank you :)
What a wonderful sequence!  Thank you 
Tom, your cues were helpful as well as your pacing! Lots of great ideas for my clients Who need the spine decompressed. Thank you!
Thank you Leslie, Christine, Amy and Kathleen,
Good to hear you feel the benefits of the progression and intention to create length with strength! Enjoy and wishing you all the very best!
Thank you so much Tom. Woke up feeling very sore and compressed and I now feel amazing. 
Great, quick class! Your cues really helped me execute the exercises effectively. I liked how it really was a full body workout along with a nice decompression!
Thank you! Exactly what I've been looking to find. A safe, clear progression giving me just the strength and length I've been craving to free my cranky lower back. The arc discouraged me from overworking my over eager lower back. I'm grateful. 
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Thank you Melissa and Susan!
Happy to hear you’re feeling the benefits!
Enjoy and be well!😊🙏
This was amazing for my spine as I have become caregiver for my grandmother and have to place myself in awkward and sometimes painful positions for my back. Tom's cues are delivered in such a precise manner I didn't have to see the video in order to make the adjustments.  And the calmness with which he delivers instructions is much needed right now!  Thank you!
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