Magic Circle Mat
Julie Driver
Class 3979

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Great class, thanks so much!
Whoua !!! I 've really enjoyed watching this amazing creative Magic circle class !!! Thank you Julie !!
 Very creative and enjoyable! Love all the possibilities with the circle and it's inspired me to keep on exploring it. Thank you!
So nice class ! So many good ideas !Thank you  so much !
Greedings from Greece !
Great class & great ideas with the ring!  Thanks!

Loved this class Julie it flows beautifully and I  love the vibe and energy you and Amy bring to the session. Thank you! 
This magic circle class is MAGIC! Thank you so much. Went straight to favourites
That was brilliant.
Well sequenced class with a lot of belly laughter which I loved, we get too serious sometimes. Many advanced moves taught with helpful cues. Thank you Julie
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