Reformer Flow
Meredith Rogers
Class 3981

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Thank you ALL for taking time to leave feedback and for taking class with us. Amy Havens lets do it again soon please!
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this was the perfect session for a busy day. Thank you both!
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simply wonderful... - we are so blessed to be able to feel like this after a short period of time! thank you Mery!
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Great practice and loved the upper back extension stretching!  Thanks Meri and Amy!:)
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Moving with you is always the best Meredith!
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love it. Great cues.  I love the short sessions because if we end up having more time we can mix and match.  I'd love a lunge focused short one!  :)))
Thanks everyone!! Molly I will put that on the request list! Nihan it is nice to see your beautiful face.
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Awesome Class Meridith and Amy, I practiced some of those back extension stretches in my chair as I watched and took notes.  Can't wait to try it out on my Clients this week.  
Lorie they work equally well in a chair which makes them great for folks who may not have the strength to work with spring.
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great extension work! excellent for our sitting-based culture
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