Mat for Stress Relief
Amy Havens
Class 3987

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I am so grateful for finding this wonderful session today ! My body and soul needed it! thank you!
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A million thanks Amy. That was perfect for a super stressful day. The stretches were soooooo good :)
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Thanks 🙏🏼 it was lovely 
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This was just what I needed today. Beautiful flow and presence, thank you
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Beautiful.  Restorative.  Healing.  Thanks so much!  I feel great.
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so healing and restorative.  Many thanks!  Really needed.
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Amy, that was magical and so perfect at the end of the day after my energetic walk.  You have a true GIFT in the way you teach.  Thank you, with love x
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Hello Mandy D, thank you so very much!  This comment truly means the world to me, I appreciate you taking the time to leave it here for me!
Amy. It was ‘Heavenly’.    Madge
That was truly amazing.  Thanks for the care.
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